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  • Power Wheel

    A strong core not only helps improve power and balance, it can also help decrease the likelihood of injuries. And nothing looks better than a strong, lean mid-section. The Lifeline Power Wheel delivers a series of intense exercises that challenge your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes. You’ll even see (and feel) the effects on your chest, arms, hamstrings and calves. With exercise options that vary from mild to downright wild, this is the perfect piece of equipment for all fitness levels.

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    Power Wheel
  • portable power jumper

    Whether you’re looking to increase your vertical jump or gain speed, agility and power with movements like- squats, steps and lunges, the Portable Power Jumper is a awesomely versatile tool. The Power Jumper is unlike any other platform or weight-based jump trainers because it doesn’t increase strain and damage to your knees, and it is portable – allowing you to train anywhere and incorporate agility and hand-eye drills into your training program. In Monkey Bar Gym’s summer basketball training camps, the Portable Power Jumper and “2-1-None” drill add an average of 8″ to participants vertical

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    portable power jumper
  • Jungle Gym XT

    You found it – the most versatile, durable, and economical suspension system out there. Built for punishing commercial use, the Jungle Gym XT is very different from traditional suspension bodyweight systems on the market today. Most notably, it features a ‘split design’, which allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system. From “V-shaped” suspension (found on traditional suspension systems), to neutral suspension (found in Olympic rings) and now wide-angle suspension, the Jungle Gym XT offers new features and versatility unlike anything the category has seen before.

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    Jungle Gym XT

    The Lifeline TNT Cable System is proven to be better than weights for developing size, strength and power, according to Kevin Pasquay, Performance Director at the Sports Science Center. Work your arms and shoulders with uppercuts, bicep curls and frontal raises. Then, build your lower body strength with lunges and squat presses. Our door anchor and belt (belt sold separately) can expand your fitness routine with lunges, hamstring extensions, ab exercises, resistance running and more. Need to modify the intensity of your workouts? You can easily vary the number of cables used-or switch them out ...

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  • Triple Trainer Cable

    - This cable is a beast! 6 cables- 3 per handle. Add or remove 4' cables to change resistance
    - Each handle acts independently of each other while connected to door, around a pole, or with a partner
    - Available in 4 resistance levels

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    Triple Trainer Cable